Yarn Along: Busy Fingers

[I didn’t do a Yarn Along post last week because we were traveling and I wouldn’t have a way to upload photos. Because of that, and because the fact that we were traveling meant I was knitting more than usual, this is a full post!]

For fun, I started making some little dresses for Miss Moppet’s Nonna Bear. I started with a pattern for a cardigan and modified it. It wasn’t nearly as hard as you would think. I made the bottom one first and it is too short really. I need to knit some little bloomers (as soon as I can figure out how). The second one has a good length, but it’s too wide in the waist. Well, Nonna Bear’s figure is not perfect (whose is?)

Ravelry link

Here’s the progress on the Honey Cowl (the very-belated-and-getting-more-belated-by-the-day birthday gift). It represents a full skein, 279 yards. I figure I’m about 2/3 through.

Ravelry link

The following is a fall-themed layette for a woman at church who is due in September. I asked what colors she was wanting and she suggested fall colors (she won’t know the sex until birth). I realized I had the perfect yarns in my stash for it.

Ravelry link

Ravelry link

Ravelry link

I’ve just started a hooded baby coat for Miss Moppet. She’ll need one come fall. This yarn is from the yarn store I went to in AL (more on all the new yarn below). It’s so soft you just want to dive into it.

Ravelry link

Recently I added quite a lot of yarn to my stash. I only get yarn for which I have a specific purpose, or if it’s an unbeatable price, or if I really like it. Or just because. You can see how very discerning I am.

   I got these yarns at Michael’s in AL on our trip:

$.99 each!

Such a soft, fine yarn. This will turn into a dress for the baby, I think.

Sock yarn! I love it.

         I just picked up this bamboo crochet thread at Walmart a few days ago for a song (closeout). I’m a total sucker for bamboo.

          I got these (and the purple yarn I’m using for Miss Moppet’s coat) at the yarn store I went to in AL.

SOOO soft. Perfect sweater yarn.

More sock yarn! Very soft (because of the bamboo)!

Now, I have to be honest here and say that I’m too tired to go take pictures of the books and upload them. I went to the library today and brought home books by Arthur C. Clarke, Robert A. Heinlein and Isaac Asimov, amongst others. I’m on a vintage sci-fi kick. 🙂

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