Ah yes…

…the new glasses.

Bifocals take some getting used to, but I have to say it’s been pretty painless so far. Changing diapers has been more challenging (I have to remember to slide the glasses down on my nose first) but most things have come naturally. Miss Moppet kept looking at me strangely yesterday evening after I got them. It was obvious she could see something was different.

5 thoughts on “Ah yes…

  1. LOVE the color- it looks great on you!!! I wasn't brave enough to get the thick-rimmed glasses when I had to choose new ones this morning, but I DID get purple frames. πŸ™‚ Maybe I'm just finding ways to get female colors into my life! haha


  2. Thanks! I'm still nervous about the color and style. It's been forever (30 years??) since I've had color frames. Since then I've stuck to neutrals. I've also had wire frames for about 20 years.


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