Thank God

Gabriel was born last night at 10:42 PM. I labored for most of the day, hopeful that it wasn’t a false alarm. He wasn’t born until the children were all tucked in bed asleep and Miss Moppet had finally conked out. What a considerate baby. He was born in the sac and I haven’t yet taken him out to see him better. From what I can see through the sac he is beautiful and perfect. I was able to count five infinitesimal toes on one foot quite clearly. I don’t know why he was with us such a short while, but God knows. In His infinite mercy He allowed me to deliver at home as I had wished. I avoided a trip to the hospital and am just waiting to hear when I’m supposed to go into the doctor’s office. I’ve rested since then and will be taking it easy for the next several days.

Thank you so much for all of your love and prayers. At some point I’ll write out his birth story and post it on Lost Innocents as well as photos of him. My beautiful baby. I miss him, but know that he is at peace in Heaven with his brothers and all the saints. May Gabriel’s memory be eternal!

12 thoughts on “Thank God

  1. I cried for you today. I don't know how you do it, but by God's grace, you do. I am afraid of the future and afraid of losing more babies, but you always seem so positive about it. Maybe because we have to be? We have no other choice?

    You are such a good mother–remembering your little ones in heaven. That really touches me. I know I will never forget my son and don't want others to forget him either. Women like you make me feel stronger.


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