Organizing the Hooks and Needles

   I have needed to do something to organize and contain my various crochet hooks and knitting needles for some time. Remember my old case? I repurposed a cervical dilator kit to make it. It wasn’t too bad when I was only crocheting, but then I took up knitting too, and got a lot of needles, and got circular needles… anyway, it was past due.
   So the last few days I’ve spent (in between other things) sewing some new cases to keep everything straight. It’s SO much better. I could have made things cuter with cute fabric and fabric that matched better, but 99% of my fabric is in the attic. It’s crowded and hot up there. I grabbed a couple things at random last week when I first had the idea,and to round it off pulled some fabric scraps out of a hatbox dedicated to that purpose. I made it up as I went along. If you want to do something similar, I suggest you get out what supplies you have and decide what you need, designing a case around them. That’s what I did. Also, you can look on Pinterest or Etsy for some ideas. (Those are much cuter than mine, by the way.)

 Crochet Hook Case

Double-Pointed Needle Case

Knitting Needle (and Notions) Case

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