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I’m not one of THOSE bloggers. You know, the ones people speak of in hushed and reverent voices. The elite, set-apart crowd who eventually get publishing gigs. I don’t go through life having the ability to pull together a painting, a photo of a flower, a conversation with a neighbor, a psalm verse and an experience from childhood into an award-winning post that brings people to tears and changes lives. Hopefully I make people laugh occasionally. At least lie to me and tell me I do.

Sometimes I wonder why the heck I have a blog. Any idiot can type drivel and then click “publish”. Maybe the key is not to take it too seriously? If I know it’s drivel, then I can’t get puffed up about it, right? Sigh.

I can tell this is going to be “one of those days”. Yesterday was a “day”. I managed to make the bed, go to the library, sew buttons on a sweater, take care of a baby who screamed for an hour (??), and put together some supper anyway. Admittedly, I don’t think I was one of those shining examples of saintly humanity when I was doing so, but anyway, it got done. One foot in front of another.

All you people out there who list “making the bed” as one of your accomplishments, don’t give up hope. Sometimes you have a month-long string of such days. But somewhere in there, I bet you said something to someone that made their day, even if you didn’t know it. You fell down a lot, but you got back up too. Your kids love you anyway.

This is turning into a stream-of-consciousness blend of nothing, so I’ll throw in this funny bit from a meteorology book I was reading last night and then stop. Maybe someone will smile, and then my job will be done.

(source – also includes related article)

The Weller method [of detecting an approaching tornado] consists of the following steps:

1. Turn on your television set and let it warm up.
2. Turn to channel 13. Using the brightness control knob, darken the screen so it is almost black.
3. Turn to channel 2. Leave the set alone. Do not reset the brightness after the initial adjustment.
4. Lightning appears on the screen as horizontal streaks or flashes. (A color TV produces colored lightning.) As long as the screen does not have a steady glow, the storm is not a tornado.
5. The signal of a tornado is an increasingly steady, bright, white light. Or, if there is a station in your area on channel 2 and the darkened picture becomes visible and remains visible, a tornado is coming.
6. Take shelter. Do not get so carried away in watching the screen that you forget to seek cover – fast.

Tornadoes, Thunderstorms and Building Damage, Eagleman, Muirhead, Willems, c. 1975, p. 22

8 thoughts on “One of "those" bloggers

  1. I love your blog… I feel the same way; I blog about just my life and it is just an ordinary one… :)… you have made many beautiful things and you DO make people laugh… I still remember your story of you and Father's first Christmas tree 🙂 🙂 and I do think making the bed is often an accomplishment and you did more than that. And I can tell you that you have often made my days much better. Many hugs, love to you and fun storm story! HUGS…


  2. You make me smile with every post and have brought tears to my eyes and have inspired me. You could get a gig I'd buy and read it. Hmm, making the bed as a goal, I'll start putting it on the list, great idea.


  3. I love reading your blog. Keep writing. :).
    I feel the same way about my blog a lot of the time. I haven't even blogged in week. When life gets difficult, I find I have nothing useful to say. I guess that is just how it goes.

    Keep it up 🙂


  4. I can't find the post now… But a blog I enjoy reading had a post recently about how you never know who is reading, and how your blog might affect that unknown audience. He offered as an example a Muslim woman he'd met who'd converted, in part because of the witness of his blog. Write for that unknown audience – the one that lurks but is eager to read your thoughts. 🙂

    And I'll offer myself as an example of the lurking audience that benefits from your blog… I am struggling to come to terms with difficult issues related to fertility at the moment. Reading your post the other day – the one about how demons attack us even more when things are difficult and bleak – really inspired me not to give in to despair. So, thank you. And please know your blog affects people, even those you don't see. 🙂


  5. I find writing cathartic, and typing has replaced writing by hand as the easiest way to keep it up and get it done quickly…which is why I have a blog that no one reads 😉 If it is helpful and enjoyable, keep it up. If you feel pressured now that you have some followers, maybe take and break and see if you miss it. I always come back to it because life is always moving forward and stress is ever-present. I would miss you in the blogosphere, but my feelings mean little. 🙂


  6. I have those days when make the bed is defintely an accomplishment. I was just telling someone today about your blog and the entry where you gave really clear instructions for how to carry an infant/baby/toddler up to receive the eucharist. Itwas so clear and practical and something all new parents need to hear. I apprecate you! In my dream world, we would get to meet at a monastery somewhere together and become real life friends too. 🙂


  7. Spelling error – I needed to fix it.

    Someone actually taught me this method of “tornado detection” when I was a kid in the late 60s early 70s. I have no idea if it has any replicable basis in experimental science – but I sure enjoyed getting ooked out in a big storm trying it. I have the whole weather whoo-whoo thing too. I passed it onto a daughter – poor thing.

    And I read you for all kinds of other reasons – as you know looking at your tracker-counter thingie. Just love it. I read daily.

    And all our lamps are lit for you and all your beloveds during this immediate and pressing sadness and loss. Memory Eternal for little Gabriel.


  8. I am so confused and fascinated by the tornado tv thing. I wish I could go back in time and try this.

    Also, I'm clearly behind in reading – I just can't keep up these days, but wanted to say I think your blog is great. I may sometimes pull together a painting, but I rarely have anything important to say about it. And I haven't made my bed in weeks! Sharing honestly and authentically is more important than a well-photoshopped image or turn of phrase.


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