Throw-back Thursday

 I don’t have many words today. Just getting by one day at a time. I’m slowly working on some knitting projects and think I can finish the coat today, getting it mailed today or tomorrow. I still don’t have any signs of impending labor; praying that it starts before too long. Thank you for all of your love and prayers. They mean so much.

Me, approximately 1977 or 1978

Pickles, 2007, AL

2007, AL

Ribby and Duchess, 2004, Sea-Tac airport

Duchess, 2004, FL

Ribby and Duchess, 2006, SC

Duchess, 2006, SC

Flopsy, 2006, SC

Duchess, Ribby and Ginger, 2006, Noccalula Falls

Pickles, 2007, FL

With Uncle Hunter, 2008, ATL airport

Ginger and Pickles, 2008, AL

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