Yarn Along: Baby Coat

The baby coat is almost done. I have to block it then sew on the buttons. I hope to be able to mail it tomorrow or Friday. (The recipients don’t read the blog so I’m not spoiling any surprises.) For the purpose of the photographs I just placed the buttons in their approximate positions.

Ravelry Link

As usual I’ve been reading a lot. I worked my way through some Michael Crichton (Prey, Micro and Timeline) but I’m featuring Timeline because I happened to pick up my own hardback copy at the thrift store. (yay!)

12 thoughts on “Yarn Along: Baby Coat

  1. Thanks, everyone! I'm glad it's done. It's time to be sending it out and it can also be a little difficult to be working on a baby project every day when you're in the middle of a loss.


  2. Fantastic! I'm seven rows away from completing the very same one – minus the hood. I'm having quite a difficult time with the basket weave stitch – it seems to be pulling and making the front sides look weird – I hope good blocking will sort the problem out.


  3. My only complaint about this pattern (and I seem to recall seeing other people say this too) is that the end result is larger than what you would think for the stated size, despite having an accurate swatch. This was supposed to be a 3-6 months, but it looks much more like 12. Hopefully he'll be a big baby and can wear it this winter anyway! I found that the y*utube video of the basket weave stitch was extremely helpful. I linked to it on my rav project page.


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