Bright Week

Lent and then Holy Week and Pascha were so busy that I feel rather at loose ends! We had Liturgy on Bright Monday and then Tuesday we had a general all-day house cleaning (the house gets pretty bad when we spend most of our time at church). Yesterday we got back to homeschooling (to everyone’s dismay) and had Vespers. Today I had that lost sort of feeling of trying to get back to normal.

Apart from homeschool we did some more pysanky, this time just etched eggs. You take blown eggs, cover the holes with wax, make whatever design you wish in wax, then submerge the eggs in vinegar (5% – standard in the U.S.). The acid in the vinegar reacts with the calcium in the eggshell and dissolves it. If you leave it in for about 15 minutes or so, the outer layer is dissolved (I use a q-tip to help remove whatever is still clinging to the rest), and you can rinse, dry and then remove the wax. If you start with brown (or dyed) eggs, you get quite a nice pattern. Alternately, you can dye the eggs after etching before you take the wax off. I did one of these, but frankly, the effect isn’t much different from simply waxing and dying, so I don’t know that it’s worth it. I also put a second coat of varnish on all the eggs that we had already finished.

etched, then lightly dyed, one coat of varnish applied

brown egg etched, one coat of varnish applied

Most of these got their second coat of varnish this afternoon.

Miss Moppet has learned a few new things. She’s learning how to blow raspberries (very messy, wet ones), and has started holding her arms out for me to take her. She is creeping a bit, but mostly in an inchworm fashion. Very amusing to watch. She is completely enamored of the icons in church, primarily the one of St. John Kochurov which is hanging right behind where we stand. She just smiles and smiles at him. 🙂 No attempts to kiss icons yet though. She just wants to grab them.

I need to get back to my knitting/crocheting. I have a baby blanket I should have finished LONG ago. I haven’t bothered to put anything up for the Wednesday Yarn-Alongs for that reason.

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