Yarn Along: Hugs and Hats

This past week I finished a gift for someone who really needed a long-distance hug. (It’s a shawl.)

(Ravelry link)

I also started adding to my bag of tiny hats for Calvin’s Hats.

The yarn is so fine that I actually cast on 15 stitches for this little hat.

I also started a baby blanket in seed stitch for a parishioner expecting her first baby. It’s just like Miss Moppet’s pink one, but in blue, green and cream stripes. I’m carrying the yarn up the sides so I won’t have a billion ends to weave in.

Reading! Well, I’m in two read-alongs right now: one for Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park

(You can see my copy has been loved almost to death. I found it in a used book store in 6th grade.)

And another one for Wounded by Love by Elder Porphyrios. Always good reading, especially for Lent.

And then, there’s the other side of me. (c;

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