Yarn Along: Trip Edition

It was a fantastic opportunity to knit when we took our road trip up to Holy Protection in PA! I knit in the car, in the guest house, etc. I even got a trip to Hobby Lobby in when we stopped for a day in AL. There I picked up some dark charcoal yarn to use in a hat for Father (who couldn’t locate his when we were packing). There was enough leftover to make one for Ginger too (not pictured below).

(Father wouldn’t pose. Ravelry link.)

I also picked up some pretty sock yarn at HL and made some socks for Miss Moppet:

(Ravelry link to socks and hat)

The hat was actually too big so I threaded a ribbon through it to cinch it in a bit. 


I used the same pattern as the one I did for Father’s hat to make two baby hats. One for Miss Moppet and one for a friend’s baby. He’s a lot bigger than Miss Moppet! (Hers is on the left…)

(Ravelry link)

 I’ve been working on this blanket since before Miss Moppet’s baptism. I laid it aside for a long time and then started working on it again while in the car on the way to AL. It’s half-done (so imagine the mirror image of the half you see flipped up on top of the pictured half. It’s another one of my cross blankets but a new design.)

(Ravelry link)

Of course Miss Moppet needs more sweaters (only because I like making them now) so I started this one on the way home and finished it the other day. 

(Ravelry link)

(one of the buttons from my grandmother’s collection)

I’ve been reading a book I picked up at my mother-in-law’s house that belonged to my father-in-law. U.S. 40: Cross Section of the United States of America is a fascinating book!

I love the photos, but the maps and illustrations are wonderful. You can just get lost in them!

(inside cover)

5 thoughts on “Yarn Along: Trip Edition

  1. Beautiful! Have you ever tried loom knitting? A friend of mine taught me how yesterday, and I'm quite fond of it. I'm currently working on a blue and white headband/ear warmer. I'm excited to have finally found a type of knitting I'm good at 🙂 I'm hoping to make handmade gifts for Christmas for everyone this year.
    Also, my old map enthusiast husband is quite interested in that book there! He saw it and immediately said “I wonder if I could borrow it…”


  2. Brittany – I'm glad you like loom knitting! I've seen some really nifty things you can do with it beyond the obvious stuff. I look forward to seeing the things you make! I'll try to remember to bring the book to church on Sunday. 🙂

    Mom – so glad you are enjoying the hats! I hope yours isn't too scratchy.


  3. Oh dear, so many lovely baby clothes! I especially love the contrast of the woolen hat with the silky bow and those wonderful rainbow jackets. But of course your little model beats it all! Lena


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