"Sevices…are temporarily slowed."

You go downtown and see a business with a sign on the front door: “Due to plumbing issues, business temporarily closed.” This sort of thing happens all the time. Now, if the sign had read, “Due to plumbing issues, business temporarily slowed,” you’d look around for the cameras, sure you were being filmed for a comedy show. I mean, it’s closed, right? If it’s slowed, then technically it’s still open, just not doing business at the previous volume.

The Planned (un)Parenthood facility in Birmingham, AL is now closed (thank God!). Well, get a load of this:

On December 30th, after the facility was closed for several
days, pro-lifers on the sidewalk witnessed the facility’s director being
escorted from the building, followed by a repairman changing all of the
locks. Three days later, a sign from Planned Parenthood Southeast (PPS)
appeared stating that the facility would be closed until January 6th,
2014. After the 6th, sidewalk counselors say the facility did reopen,
but only briefly,” Gensemer explained.

As of Tuesday, PPS posted yet another sign, now reading: “We
apologize for the inconvenience, but this facility is temporarily
closed.” The PPS website also removed the facility’s hours of operation
schedule, as well as adding a note that reads: “Services at our
Birmingham health center are temporarily slowed.”
[emphasis mine]

 The pro-abortion PP people are so allergic to Truth, including truth in any form, that they can’t bring themselves to say CLOSED. It’s not a baby, it’s a fetus (which means baby… duh) or a “clump of cells”. It’s not an abortion, it’s an “interruption of pregnancy”. [People? “Interruption” generally is taken to mean that there’s only a pause, and the process will resume. There’s no resumption of pregnancy after the baby has been dragged out in pieces.] It’s not pro-abortion, it’s “pro-choice” (as long as the only choice is abortion).

THEY CAN’T SPEAK THE TRUTH. Abortion deals in lies, lurks in the dark shadows.

Lord have mercy… Let us pray that this temporary closure is a permanent closure.

2 thoughts on “"Sevices…are temporarily slowed."

  1. I am praying for an “interruption in service” the way it's interpreted through the eyes of PP – a complete termination.

    Lord have mercy.


  2. I agree with you, Matushka, the words they use to describe murder assistance is deceitful and appalling.
    It's sad that many young and confused women take comfort in these heartless words that help them draw the conclusion that this is acceptable and the best option for them. Definitely a clever advertising gimmick! Using words like that to downplay the termination of a life is clearly the success of the evil one. Lord have mercy on those women and help them to not believe Satan's lies.


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