Christmas Yarn-Along

Now that all of the gifts have FINALLY been received (it took 8 days for my sister’s priority mail box to get to her…grrr), I’ll share pictures. 🙂 [I’ve been making other things too, but I’ll save that for another time…]

Two baby bunnies (for baby twins)

A snowman for the big brother

For my two nieces. 🙂

For three brothers

For the baby of a family

For Papa

For Mom (matching scarf below)

For my mom’s December birthday.

I’ve read a whole lot of stuff recently, mostly old children’s books. They were good for those nights when it was late and I was tired and didn’t want to think too much about anything. Here are three of my eight Cherry Ames books.

5 thoughts on “Christmas Yarn-Along

  1. Cherry Ames!! Haven't seen those in many a year! [I loved “Sue Barton, Student Nurse” so much that my dad made me take a break from them and read something “serious” – The Spirit of St. Louis, by Charles Lindbergh. A great book, scenes from which are still vivid to me 50+ years later.]


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