Yesterday’s To Do List:

1. Feel all cheery and decide to get Christmas tree early.
2. Go to Lowes and discover miserable selection of trees.
3. Go home, regroup, find Christmas tree farm, and drive out there.
4. Forget camera to take photo of kids in front of tree.
5. Nurse baby in front seat of van while tree farm owner and teenage son climb in and around van to attach tree to top. Make sure baby lets out burp loud enough to rattle windows, eliciting a “fire in the hole!” comment from tree farm owner.
6. Fold up pack-n-play and put at foot of bed so there’s room for tree in living room.
7. Catch a cold and feel miserable while kids decorate tree. 
8. Develop rip-roaring headache and find self unable to work on baptismal blanket.
9. Just before bed catch foot on pack-n-play and fall spectacularly, catching edge of bed, pulling bouncy seat off on top of self and catching mouth on edge of trash can full of diapers.
10. Take tylenol and ibuprofen and go to bed.

[Yep, that was yesterday! I carried Miss Moppet around the (heavily culled) rows of trees until we found one we liked. She was fussing a lot by then so I hiked back to the van and nursed her while Father and the kids cut the tree down. When they came back over the hill to the van they looked exactly like this Far Side cartoon below and I started laughing. Oh, how I wish I hadn’t forgotten the camera!]

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