By the Numbers

64  degrees forecasted as a low tonight.

47  times I have thought about this blog with a blank stare in the last few days.

32  days at the most before we should be able to finally hold this baby.

  days until my birthday. 

4.5 knit/crocheted squares I have made for the Syrian refugees so far.

  layers in the red velvet cake Duchess made for coffee hour today.

slices left when it was time to go home.

2   hours in the nap I took this afternoon.

2   times Smokey has gone in and out in the last 4 minutes. 

day since we finally decided on a name for our sweet girl.

0   meals I have personally made in the last 2 days.

7 thoughts on “By the Numbers

  1. By those numbers (2 hours nap, 0 meals personally prepared, and the like), life right now is properly balanced.

    I was going to say this baby is the best birthday present – and she is – but on further thought, realized your husband and children are the best gifts. What blessings they are, to allow you to focus on taking care of the baby and yourself.


  2. A name!! Yay!!
    (Point seven five – the number of squares I've finished. However, I posted that site to FB and it got shared with a bunch of Methodist ladies.)


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