Worth Noting:

O King, Who remainest
and art everlasting unto the ages, 
the supplication of sinners asking salvation, 
and grant
the earth abundance, 
bestowing temperate weather, O Lover
of mankind! 
Be the ally of the faithful Orthodox in battles
against the ungodly barbarians, 
as once thou wast
unto David; 
for they
have come into Thy tabernacles 
and defiled Thine
all-holy place, O Savior! 
Grant victories, O Christ
by the intercession of the Theotokos, 
for Thou art
the victory and boast of the Orthodox!
This was the Glory verse for the aposticha for Vespers last night (eve of the Church new year). I thought the petition asking for help for the ‘Orthodox in battles against the ungodly barbarians’ was particularly appropriate as we watch our barbarian president try to launch war against Syria. You can also look at it as a battle against secularism as anti-Christian forces in our country as they try to destroy our culture and take our children.

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