And yet more baby sewing

 (Are you getting sick of this yet?)

I made a changing pad this afternoon out of some fleece (I’m actually starting to run out!) and one of those thingies that has flannel on both sides fused to a rubberized center. I can’t find the name of it but they sell it as “changing pads” or “burp cloths”. Anyway, I wanted to stitch the flannel thingy to the center of a larger rectangle of double-layer fleece, but I didn’t have sufficient fleece.

So I stitched it to a double layer of purple fleece and then pieced some green fleece around it. Hey, it worked. The diaper bag I registered for* has purple trim so I figured why not match. (c;

 The back doesn’t look as neat, but who cares?

I made a closure out of some elastic and a big purple button.

You fold the pad in half cross-wise and then roll it up, securing it with the elastic. This keeps the baby side (not the BABY, as I typed earlier) touching itself and not the “dirty” back side. 

I also made four decent-sized burp cloths. I wanted to keep my cloth diapers for diapering (although I make no promises about things doing double-duty…). So MORE fleece and flannel were used…

The flannel is the business side and the fleece goes against your shoulder (or lap or whatever). That should keep it from soaking straight through. Well, one can hope anyway.

And last but not least, Flopsy cut out a bib for the baby out of an old washcloth and an old t-shirt of hers. 🙂 She wanted yellow bias tape so I got it out today and gave her a lesson in how to use bias tape. She helped pin and I did most of the sewing (tricky because the washcloth added a lot of bulk to the seams).

*Apparently I have been talked into an online baby shower so I completed a registry (for the first time since I was picking out wedding china). More information on that next week. :c)

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