Sewn Baby Shoes (updated)

I had just a knitting/crocheting marathon on our trip that I’ve taken a few days off. [So no yarn-along today. I’ll do one next week with some photos of gifts that haven’t been received by the recipients yet. (c; ]

Yesterday I thought I’d sit down and do some sewing instead. I got out a large bag of flannel remnants, thinking I’d cut some out and make simple burp cloths (to save my cloth diapers for, you know, diapering). Inside the bag were the bottom halves of the onesies I’d used to make nightgowns (and here). It’s hard for me to throw anything out that I think could be useful. I took a good look at them to see if there was, in fact, anything for me to do with them before I tossed them. Not enough material for hats…not enough for decent diaper covers…hm… Then, I remembered something:

I got a lovely box of hand-me-downs in the mail on Monday and among them were two pairs of sewn baby booties in knit. I loved the design. They practically open all the way up so you’re not having to wiggle a little foot inside and then they tie securely shut.

Ah hah! I would make baby shoes out of the leftover knit! And they would match the nightgowns! (cuteness overload alert) I didn’t see a pattern or tutorial online so I decided to try to make a free-hand pattern.

Well, the first one came out…ok. I’m in the middle of making pattern adjustments. I started with my least favorite of the knits so it wouldn’t be a catastrophe if it didn’t turn out. Here’s a photo of the first one (both are done now):

The inside is faced with flannel.

I’ll share more photos as I get them made. 🙂

UPDATE: I made another pair three more pairs (minus the elastic at the back – ran out). These are so easy!


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