Yarn Along: First Knitted Sweater

My first knitted sweater! I’ve hemmed and hawed over starting this for ages and finally decided to take the plunge. It’s a seamless, top-down cardigan with raglan sleeves and supposed to be very easy. I’m finding it very doable so far. [Pattern: Little Coffee Bean Cardigan]

I had to learn how to do increases (m1) for this project. It was very difficult at first and I couldn’t go a stitch without staring at the directions, but I’ve got the hang of it now.

I ordered this yarn when I was expecting Innocent, thinking I would crochet some soakers out of it since it was 100% wool. Well, I did make two soakers a month or so ago using the natural color, but I decided to do a green stripe (the pattern calls for stripes) and then if I had enough make a matching hat and booties (perhaps even longies if there’s more than I’m thinking there will be). 

I’ve read and read as usual, but this is what’s currently on top of my nightstand stack: Mansfield Park. I’ve read this copy almost to death. Edmund can be so aggravating. It really gets under my skin when he starts all this rationalizing stuff. Thank heavens he escapes in the end, but frankly not due to his own merit. *eye roll*

6 thoughts on “Yarn Along: First Knitted Sweater

  1. Thanks, ladies! I'm really happy to finally be working on a REAL knitting pattern and learning new techniques too. Father has been wanting me to make him a sweater since forever ago and I told him it would be much better for me to knit him one than crochet him one. I won't be so intimidated to start a big one if I can do a little one. 🙂


  2. I have to have a Jane Austen refresher every now and again too. Don't know which book is my favorite, just like to be immersed in that world for a bit. Wouldn't want to live in that era, but couldn't we do with a return to manners and dignity!


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