Yarn Along – Booties and Such

I found the easiest pattern on Ravelry for making booties. I’ve been able to size down without much problem too (always a plus).

The pink booties are made from the last bits of a bamboo yarn – SO soft – but I think I’d like to try to make them smaller. I’ll probably unravel them and size down.

These were made after some trial and error with sizing. The yarn is thicker so I had to size down in order to avoid the “won’t fit until age 2” problem.

These were part of a larger set I made as a gift.

It included a bonnet and sweater. Hopefully they won’t take forever to grow into!

As usual, I have been reading a lot (a LOT a lot) and don’t want to make an exhaustive list, but to name a few I reread Pride and Prejudice (delightful as always) and a new one (for me) “The Ghost in the Little House”, a study of Rose Wilder Lane’s and Laura Ingalls Wilder’s works, focusing on the fairly inescapable conclusion that Rose did a LOT more than light editing on the Little House books. It’s all set in the context of a very thorough biography of Rose which I found very interesting. Looking at reviews, some people love it, some people hate it and some people can’t make up their minds. I, for one, don’t mind burst bubbles so I enjoyed it.

2 thoughts on “Yarn Along – Booties and Such

  1. I just realized that gift is for Eric 🙂 I can't wait until he can fit into the sweater and hat! He will definitely be wearing it after his baptism and over his gown, which is short sleeved. Thank you so much. It is just lovely!!


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