Thrift Store Onesies/Shirts to Infant Nightgowns

A few days ago I picked up a few onesies and things from the thrift store for $.25 each. I had found a tutorial online for making nightgowns out of them and thought it would be fun to try. I really like nightgowns because it makes diaper changing (especially at night) much easier. Plus they’re cute. :c)

I started with a short-sleeved shirt and a long-sleeved onesie. I cut them off about 1.5 inches below the bottom of the sleeves. I had some pink knit from the remnant bin at Walmart from which I cut off 20 inch lengths and sewed them into tubes. I sewed a casing onto the bottom of each for the elastic (you could also use ties but I didn’t want them getting lost in the wash). Putting right sides together I pinned pleats into the knit and pinned the shirts and knit together. Then I just zig-zag stitched around. Last I ran the elastic through the casing and stitched it shut. As a final embellishment I added a little ribbon rose to the center front of each nightgown. They were extremely easy and probably cost no more than $.50 each.

As soon as I find some more shirts and/or onesies I’ll make some more!

7 thoughts on “Thrift Store Onesies/Shirts to Infant Nightgowns

  1. Very cute! I might have to try something like this.

    (And if you don't want the tie to get lost in the wash, I'd run a line of tacking stitches through it in the back, which is what I do for the ties in my booties and mittens. Can't get pulled out then!)


  2. what a great idea! I LOVE footless gowns for newborns!!! I always buy them for shower gifts b/c they do make life so much easier! I'll have to try making them!!!Thanks for sharing!


  3. So precious! What a super idea! (My family is all about baby girls right now too – the great-great niece was just born on Saturday, at 31 weeks, and the niece is due in December*, so maybe I have time to try a couple of these.

    *We have some weird generational spread going on here.


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