First Covers…

This was a bit of an experiment because I knew I wasn’t necessarily going to get the right size. One pattern (the fitted style) was “one size fits most” which looked huge so I made my own pattern based on it (but kept the original – I do expect baby to grow!). In general I like it though. The other (the pull-on style) came in multiple sizes so I made the newborn size.

In general I’m dubious about the ability of the fleece to contain wet diapers, but there are a lot of people out there who have a lot more experience at this than I do. If the fleece works, I can make all my own covers. [I do have some genuine water-proof covers, but they’re all too big for a new little one.]

Anyone who has experience making and/or using fleece covers is very welcome to leave a comment!

9 thoughts on “First Covers…

  1. Beth, I have some wool (not the superwash kind) that I have been intending to use for knitting/crocheting soakers, but I haven't tried yet. I know they'll need felting afterward and I have no idea what size to make them so they felt down to the right size!


  2. funny that people recommended fleece covers. I cut out and used fleece liners for the inside of the cover with one child who had persistent diaper rash. The fleece was supposed to wick away the wetness from his bottom. It seems like if fleece was used in a cover then it would pull the wetness from the diaper to the outside of the cover. But maybe not. I am so impressed that you are making all the cloth diaper stuff. I just spent a truckload of money on some new cloth diapers. they are SOOOO nice, but i love the idea of homemade ones.


  3. I've made and used covers from old sweaters. They don't need felting and work as long as they are well lanolized . So if you knit/crochet densely enough I'm not sure it would need felting.
    I highly recommend the old sweater method. (Though I'm in Minnesota and I realize materials for such an endeavor are probably not so plentiful in your neck of the woods 🙂 )
    For the “squirty poo” newborn stage I really liked something plastic-y better. The dappi pull on covers ( didn't fit our skinny legged baby, but worked great on the chubster. They're very cheap, maybe you could try taking tucks?


  4. Monica, I've had the same thought (re: fleece wicking moisture away) but apparently fleece is supposed to work so I'm taking it on faith. Guess we'll find out!

    PreciseWoman, I would love to make some from sweaters but there are NO sweaters in thrift stores right now. They keep all the winter stuff in the back during the summer (and most of the sweaters will probably be acrylic sadly). I'll be on the look-out once the weather changes though. I *did* start crocheting a cover last night out of wool. I crocheted with a smaller hook and crocheted two strands together using hdc so it's pretty thick and dense. I think it should work just fine without felting. I'll knit the leg and waistbands so it's at least stretchy there. I'll look up those diaper pants. Thanks for the suggestions!


  5. There is absolutely no need to felt knitted soakers. You just need so soak them in a lanolin bath periodically (every few weeks or so). But don't use superwash. I have never felted a soaker I have made (and I have made dozens) and they all work beautifully. I love my soakers!


  6. Thanks, Beth! I did CD with the last baby but didn't use any wool soakers so this is all new to me. I love superwash wool but what I'm using for the soakers is regular 100% wool. Is there a pattern you particularly favor? (I made mine up as I went along – need to take a photo now that it's finished…)


  7. I have only crocheted soakers, but I have heard rave reviews about the Sheepy Time Knits patterns. I personally favor the Ladybugz Farms crochet patterns. Good luck!


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