Yarn Along: Multiple Knits

The first is one of two sleep sacks I’m making my sister for her expected twin boys. (: I’m knitting them flat and then folding them over and stitching them closed. The second photo shows kind of what it would look like folded over (I wasn’t right in the middle of the row so it doesn’t match up in the photo). I should have put something in the photo for scale. The yarn is #3 so it’s really thin and I’m knitting two strands together. The boys will probably be little so I’m making these kind of small.

 The next project is for a friend who is also expecting a boy (there are LOTS of boys on the way). The yarn is super bulky and I’m making it larger than the sleep sack above. The second photo shows what it will look like folded over.

This was kind of an experiment: preemie-sized tube socks. They are coming out looking more like mitts and I’m not impressed. Blech. I think I’m actually going to have to break down and learn how to knit a sock with a heel. *sigh*

I haven’t done much work at all on the tulip blanket, but here it is:

I got a little farther on the seed stitch blanket:

I have read a ton lately but this is the book I was most easily able to lay my hands on. I have no idea how many times I’ve read this. It’s one of my favorites. (Well, three of my favorites – the whole trilogy is represented here.)

4 thoughts on “Yarn Along: Multiple Knits

  1. Funny–you are the second person today who mentioned reading the Space Triology–I'm re-reading it myself for the second or third time! I'm in the midst of Perelandra right now. It's been long enough since I read it before that I don't precisely remember what happens, so it is almost like reading it for the first time!


  2. you are doing so well! and so many neat things! I need to learn to make socks too… but am meanwhile dreaming of making little hats in a round, once I finish the one I am working on now… 🙂


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