Prefolds are easy!

I saw some photos of preemies wearing cloth diapers online. That’s when I decided I’d better make some smaller ones.

Yesterday at the thrift store I saw some faded flannel receiving blankets…marked $2 each!! Outrageous! I told the lady there that they were WAY overpriced and she let me have them for a quarter apiece. I got six for $1.50. :c) MUCH better.

Today I took two of the smaller ones and cut them into quarters. Using some other flannel (blue plaid that looked nothing like a girl and some pink remnants too small for diapers) I made inserts and then put the inserts in the diapers to make prefolds. Voila! (Tutorial here)

8 more prefolds done – these are smaller

about 11 x 13 inches

I don’t have a serger (serious fantasy) but I zig-zagged the ends to keep the bulk low. I’ll just keep making eight or so every other day and I’ll have a big stash before long! Now I have to figure out diaper covers…

5 thoughts on “Prefolds are easy!

  1. I just find these postings on diapers
    really heartening as in the UK everybody but everybody seems to use disposables which are a real problem in land fill sites.
    I do pray you make it to 34 weeks and beyond. Every timeI click on your blog I pray that baby is still in situ. May your summer be blessed abundantly.


  2. I'm considering cloth diapers and everyone seems to think I'm crazy.(Where I live, cloth diapering is simply unheard of…) I've been searching the web and I think that I'm finding the prefolds+cover solution to be the most reasonable for me. Do you think I'm being too confident? I don't even know how to “hold” a newborn, let alone change his diapers (it's a boy!). Do you think I should start with disposables?


  3. Congrats on the boy!!!

    Just go ahead and start with cloth. You know, it's a really nice feeling to put soft, sweet-smelling cloth on your baby instead of paper/plastic. Regardless of which you use, you'll still be new to diapering so don't let unfamiliarity stand in your way. Green Mountain Diapers has a ton of articles on cloth diapering and you can look online for other sites that basically teach you how to step-by-step care for them, wash them, etc. People freak out when they think about using cloth but it's really not hard. (:


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