20 Weeks plus Diapers

I’m 20 weeks today! Very exciting milestone. Considering I’ll only just barely get to term in the best case scenario that means I’m more than half-done. Yay!

After going through what I had in the way of diapers I realized I needed more smalls. It seemed like a reasonable thing to try making my own prefolds and it turned out to be very easy indeed. I didn’t spend a penny because I had a lot of flannel remnants and a stack of old washcloths. This is the tutorial I primarily used.

Aren’t the monkeys cute? (:

5 thoughts on “20 Weeks plus Diapers

  1. Love it! I once sewed some prefolds out of old t-shirts. They were very soft and looked neat, but I think what you did is much more practical (and also looks neat)!


  2. Have been bitten by the sewing bug as well – though not nearly enough time to make all the things I want, but am hoping to get started on the baptismal gown soon. Love the diapers, so sweet!


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