Baby Doings

I went out on a huge limb this morning and got down three totes full of baby things from the attic. I also got a large bag of diapers down. After going through the boxes I put two back in the attic and kept one out of things we would be likely to use right away.

I had saved some cute sleepers (especially the three preemie-sized ones that were Flopsy’s)…

And the pretty dresses, of course. (:

I have ten small Kushies all-in-one diapers that are in great shape.

 Unfortunately, the 18 mediums had leg elastic that was shot. I found a
nice tutorial online to fix it but wound up having to do my own thing
anyway because the elastic was sewn right into the side seams. I only repaired one, just to see if it would work. The one on the left was repaired, the one on the right is still waiting:

And in other news, I finished the little hat yesterday, preemie-sized. It’s so soft.

The seed stitch blanket has had a little progress made on it:

I started another blanket (this one is crocheted) in a neat flower pattern:

(link to pattern (which I didn’t entirely follow…))

I also finished the top to Ribby’s butterfly quilt the other day:

Anyway, that’s pretty much what I’ve been doing.

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