Yarn Along…for a little girl. (:

I was so excited yesterday to finally start working on some things for my own baby. I haven’t made anything in a good long while and it’s great to be using pink again after an 11 year hiatus.

The first is a simple knit hat out of some SUPERB bamboo yarn. It’s so silky soft and the color is delightful. So delicate. I’m making a preemie size because that’s the thing we’ll most likely need first. I wish I had a ton of this yarn. I found one skein left on sale when I was in Michael’s with Father near Mother’s Day. He had taken me out to lunch and the restaurant was right next to Michael’s. Considering we don’t have a craft/yarn store here locally (or anywhere even close) it was a big treat to wander around the yarn section.

This is a lovely cotton blend that is so soft and simple. I love this color pink too (I’m not fond of bubble gum pink). I’m knitting it in a simple seed stitch pattern so it will lie flat.

And you aren’t going to believe how I’ve been getting to sleep the last few nights: with the 1958 World Almanac! I’ve had some problems with insomnia and this has proved to be the best cure yet. Plus I’ve learned quite a number of arcane facts.

Visit Yarn Along for more projects!

6 thoughts on “Yarn Along…for a little girl. (:

  1. Thank you, Matushka — I do remember being told that elsewhere, too….But my first introduction to the seed stitch made it very difficult, and that's mostly what I was remembering. I would do well to try it out ASAP now while the better advice is fresh!


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