Quilting Again…[updated]

I’ve started working on the quilt for Pickles. It’s going to be a shoo-fly quilt with the center square a chicken. (:  I finally decided on the pattern this morning and did a thousand yardage calculations before ironing the fabric. This afternoon I started cutting.

With all the red I’m thinking:

July Chicken Quilt
Spicy Chicken Quilt
Chili Chicken Quilt?



Almost all the pieces are cut out and I’m tired. Bending over the bed is tiring. Anyway, I put together the pieces to make one block (not sewn) and fiddled around on Paint to show you what the quilt top will look like (more or less) when it’s pieced. No border is shown but there will be one at the end.


6 thoughts on “Quilting Again…[updated]

  1. You may as well stop now, you know “Chicken Nugget” will be its name forever. So funny. And very cute, can't wait for the pictures when it's done.


  2. love it! I am finishing my baby's quilt. I decided to make life a little easier and buy premade binding so I can actually get it done. 🙂 Burp cloths and dust ruffle for crib are next.


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