Small Blankets and Hats

I’ve taken a short break from making hats for Calvin’s Hats so I could make a donation to a Ravelry friend’s charity, “Elephant Tears“. Morgan lost her son Emerson at 17 1/2 weeks and was comforted to be able to wrap him in a blanket that she finished right before he was born. She wanted to give other parents the comfort of a hand-made blanket and so has created a project to collect them and deliver them to her local hospital (where Emerson was born) on his due date, July 13. In general the blankets they are making are 18 to 24 inch squares but mine are smaller to acknowledge the need for tiny things for tiny babies. I also knit matching hats. (: [I cleared this with her, btw.]

I *love* the duck buttons!

 The next blanket is the only one I actually crocheted and it’s the largest, about 16 inches.

These two are larger than the other fleece/flannel blankets but smaller than the crocheted one.

So that’s what I’ve been working on!

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