Sts. Constantine and Helen

We had a lovely early Liturgy this morning for Sts. Constantine and Helen. It was quiet and peaceful and just very nice. There were just two others besides our family there. When I looked up during communion I realized our children had lined up in age order (boys first because they were serving). One of those moments when you wish you had a camera. I tried to imprint it on my memory instead.

Joyous feastday to all celebrating their name days today! (Many years to our oldest!)


for Sts. Constantine & Helen, in Tone 3 –

this day Saint Constantine 
 and blessed Helen, his mother, 
revealed the Cross, the Wood 
worthy of all veneration. 
For the
Jews, it is dishonor; 
but faithful rulers 
have it as a weapon
vanquishing their opponents. 
For our sakes hath it been shown forth 
as a great ensign, 
dread and most awesome in war. 

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