When I grow up…

How many of us wrote little paragraphs on this in fifth grade? Raised our hands and said we wanted to be ___ when we grew up? When we were choosing a college, turned options over in our minds, picked majors, sat, disillusioned, through seminars. Sometimes, slowly, practicality and realism replaced those shining dreams we had as children.

   How many of us said we wanted to be saints?

We sat through lectures on “choosing a college major”, “choosing a career”, “resume writing 101”. We looked over graduate school catalogs, wrote cover letters, sent in applications. We listened to Aunt so-and-so’s advice. We listened to our cousin’s advice. We listened to our parents’ advice. We spoke with our college mentor.

   How many of us spoke with a spiritual father?

We start out in our careers, work our way up, work our way across, change careers, change cities. We marry, have children, join the PTA. We amass cars, homes, electronics, children’s toys, wardrobes. We choose places to go on vacation.

   How many of us went to church?

We get older, the kids get older, we look around, wonder what happened. The class reunion is coming up and we worry. Have we been published? Become a motivational speaker? Become a CEO? Been to Europe? Did we start losing hair or gaining a belly? We’re dissatisfied. We have it all, and yet we have nothing.

    What was the goal? Can we take it with us?

          Did we ever grow up?

                     What do you want to be when you grow up?

3 thoughts on “When I grow up…

  1. When I started to grow up a bit (in my twenties), I stopped to think about what I wanted to be, and started to think what I wanted to DO in my life. I had three things on my list — two are underway, and the third is still out there waiting. Some twenty-five years later, I still am aiming for those three things.


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