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Ok, I know I haven’t posted much lately and part of that has had to do with being horrendously tired after Holy Week and Pascha, but part of it has also had to do with the fact that Blogger is being very difficult. Uploading photos now takes about 15 minutes per photo. This problem has been going on for weeks and I’ve been increasingly reluctant to sit at the computer that long, playing solitaire or Sudoku while checking periodically to see if the photo has finally uploaded. After all, I do have a life, although sometimes that may seem uncertain. The only thing Blogger/Google has suggested seems to be to switch to Google Chrome which annoys me on principle. It’s been bad enough that I’ve been looking into switching servers, going to WordPress or something with the blog. Father is suggesting I just use G.C. for the blogging but I reminded him of what a headache it was when I had to switch from Internet Explorer to Firefox. I’m undecided as to what action to take, but really, I can’t keep hanging around staring at a screen that isn’t updating.


(Only one photo left to go…sigh…)

10 thoughts on “Blogging questions

  1. I can't get photos to load at.all on chrome any more, so I wouldn't go that route. Have you tried reducing the size of your photos? There is a free program called Photo Resizer that I use for such things. You can also reduce the size of the files on your camera when you take them, which might also help. It does reduce the quality, so if you are using them for something other than web application, you may want to use resizer instead. I've noticed a slow down lately too, but it's not taking 15 minutes per photo. I use Firefox for my blogging because of the photo issue, but Chrome for everything else (I used to use it for everything, but then it stopped working for photos a few months ago…grrr).

    Sorry I can't offer much more help, but just thought I'd chime in on chrome. Also, if your whole computer has slowed down lately, there are probably some applications running in the background that are holding things up (Dropbox is particularly bad about this). You can use StartupCopPro to clean up your background apps, which also helps with processing speed.

    Best of luck and congratulations on the baby! Been lighting candles for you since you broke the news, and always light for Innocent and Andrew when I light one for Philip. I'm 36 weeks with #5 and ready to be done.


  2. Thanks, Joseph, I'll look into that. The “clearing cache/cookies” route has been tried by a lot of people (per the Blogger help forum) and only a few have noticed it helped. The “Chrome workaround” is being touted as a fix, but I don't think it's a fix when you have to switch programs.

    Juliana, everything else is running at normal speed. I noticed the massive slow-down with the photo uploading a few weeks ago and it happened in isolation from everything else (no other problems or changes made). And thank you for the prayers! I certainly need them. 12 weeks 4 days today…so close to when I lost the boys…


  3. I use google chrome now … I am against IE by principle but used fire fox for a long time but realized it was taking up a lot of my computer's memory so I switched to chrome for this reason… it's fine thus far… I've used picasa by google for pictures for blogging for a long time and it works fine for me. I use it for my computer, not as web pictures. I just go to the 'create' tab on picasa once I've picked the pictures I want and then make a blog post with them.

    praying for you daily and lighting candles also…


  4. I really like WordPress, but moving your blog may be more annoying than solving the current problem. If it was something that was happening a lot to people, the forums would probably have conversation going that you can read. Have you tried Googling to see if anyone else had this issue?


  5. I've been having problems with blogger lately, too! Although not the same problem. Blogger used to be so user friendly.

    I do recommend resizing your photos for upload. Yours aren't too big, but they are bigger than they need to be, and that could help. I always change blog photos to a resolution of 150, and then I decrease the size by 30%, of course – that will depend on how big the file is to start with. And of course, if you do this – you don't want to change the originals because if you want to print copies, you'll need the higher resolution.

    Yes, photos online are the biggest time suck! I use photoshop (I'm sure other free programs can do this, too though) and have created an action to quickly resize my photos and save a new copy in a folder called “blog photos” so I don't accidentally write over the originals. And then after I've posted them I delete the blog photos.


  6. Kh. Nicole, about a gazillion people are writing in on the Blogger help forums about the photo issue and Blogger seems to be ignoring it other than to say, “try Google Chrome!!” with a bright, cheery smile. I'm going to do some fiddling today and see what I can do. I hate the thought of changing servers – such a huge hassle.


  7. I have no idea what's going on with blogger (very infrequent user myself) but I can chime in that Google Chrome is my favorite browser ever, and that switching over from Safari was ultra simple. I love love love Google Chrome (though it sounds like that won't fix your photo issue, that browser is a delight to me 😉


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