Yarn Along: not-exactly-yarn edition

I haven’t knit much lately, just a couple tiny hats (as usual). I’ve been looking at my yarn shelves and realizing they desperately needed straightening and weeding-out. This morning I took all the yarn off, sorted through it and reorganized what I kept on the shelves. It looks much better and I have a bag of stuff to go to the thrift store and another bag I gifted to the girls. Periodically you have to look at a skein and admit you’re never going to use it. Ever since watching a few episodes of Hoarders while on vacation I’ve had a horror of turning into one of them. It’s a good motivator.

While going through bags of things I was forced to face up to a few incomplete, hibernating projects. One of which is a jersey scrap rug I started crocheting ages ago. It’s 31 inches long now and I am reluctant to bind it off since I still have some scraps to turn into rug strips.

Yep. There it is:

I deliberately used the bag it had been sleeping in as a holder for something else so I’d be forced to deal with it. It’s still on my bed. I think I’ll spend a few hours of this rainy day extending it a few inches. I can only work for so long before my hands are hurting. (That’s a size N hook.)

So, the shelves. I tend to change project genres over time and so need to move pertinent skeins to more convenient locations, pushing others to the back.All of my cotton is on the top left. Maybe I’ll start a really colorful cotton baby blanket. Or maybe I’ll do some simple washcloths. Hmm. The Caron Simply Soft is all on the top right along with some yarns of similar weight. I have two afghans in progress that use those plus I’ll use some of the more pastel colors for baby hats. The middle left is all the heavy-weight chunky yarn I used for hats and hot pads over Christmas. Nothing else in the works in that yarn right now. The right is all baby yarn.

I went through the basket of balled-up yarn and odds and ends and scrapped some, saving others. It’s also a temporary home for projects in progress. My very strange repurposed needle holder is lying on top. (Still love that thing, but I’m considering making something long enough to completely enclose the knitting needles…) 

The shelf below has one-pound skeins of baby yarn and a few other huge skeins. Also some bags of multiple skeins of the same kind (like the superwash merino wool, the bamboo blend, regular wool, etc.). I miss ordering yarn online because it was so much fun to unpack the box!

Again, my reading material probably doesn’t match anyone else’s. Ah well.  Two of the books I just got yesterday from the library, “The Great Deluge” a massive book about Hurricane Katrina’s effect on the Gulf Coast (well done, by the way, and I’m pretty critical) and “In Harm’s Way”, the story of the USS Indianapolis (torpedoed by the Japanese in WWII; about 1200 men on board, 317 survivors four days later after the Navy finally decided to wonder what happened to it. Sheesh.).

What are you reading and working on?

7 thoughts on “Yarn Along: not-exactly-yarn edition

  1. I am in the midst of a tshirt rug too. knitted, but i too can only work for a half hour or hour . I actually stopped holding tension with the yarn because I found it didnt need it and it helped my hands last longer.

    I would be interested in where you find inexpensive, but quality yarn. My fondness for knitting is greater than my budget for yarn, so I am always getting the cheapest stuff out there. But then the hats and scarves get so pilly that no one wants to wear them. Any ideas? I also hate to spend too much on yarn for childrens items that will easily get lost.


  2. The only place I can buy yarn in-person is Walmart. Everything else is about 90 minutes away. As far as online sales, Smiley's (http://www.smileysyarns.com/) is good and has rotating sales but there is a $50 minimum order. That was fine when I was making and selling blankets but I can't sustain it for a hobby. Someone recently suggested DBNY (http://www.discontinuedbrandnameyarn.com/shop/) as a good option. They don't seem to have a minimum order. I just don't use Red Heart (or other cheap yarn) any more because I hate the way it feels when I'm working with it and no one will want to wear/use it.


  3. Very fun! I enjoyed reading this post! 🙂 I don't have a lot of space where Mr. Husband and I are living so after buying some initial yarn, now I only buy yarn if I need it to finish up something I am working on (like my never ending baby blanket). And I try to buy on clearance (so far I only have used Lion Brand Yarn) whenever I can…

    as always, love your posts 🙂


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