Gosnell’s Sacred Cow

I have gone back and forth about writing a post on the Gosnell atrocities. I start, then stop, can’t figure out what to say. What can you say about something so absolutely horrific?

It’s not just the facts of the case that are so terrible. It’s all the implications. And it’s not just the implications, but it’s the whole mainstream media culture’s response that adds the icing on the cake, as it were.

When I think about it, my heart pounds and I feel simultaneously like bailing out on this wretched planet and going out and knocking heads together. Hard.

Some thoughts:

Gosnell apparently likes killing. He hates women. He kept body parts as trophies (there’s no other way to put that). He segregated women by race and ability to pay and treated them differently. He made a lot of money. Millions. He’s still happy about that.

He knew perfectly well that he was operating outside the law and took deliberate steps to avoid detection. He hired people who had mental problems and who were dependent on him both for money and emotional support. He lied to them about what they were doing and what was ok.

Gosnell operated in a clinic, not in a back alley. He had a sign out front. He was known as an abortionist. The regulatory agencies in PA did not check his clinic, did not examine his charts, did not look for the presence of a crash cart for resuscitation (it was under his bed at home, for some unfathomable reason), did not see if the clinic even met the fire code (it didn’t). In fact, it had been 17 years since their last inspection. Everyone knew, but no one wanted to know. He operated that clinic for decades, killing heaven only knows how many babies. The ONLY reason the you-know-what hit the fan is because narcotics agents raided the facility because of Gosnell’s other fun hobby – writing illegal narcotics prescriptions. What they saw there made them physically ill.

Pro-abortionists are so passionate about their cause that they will do nothing they think will imperil it. Including failing to cite an abortionist for having filthy facilities, poor records, illegal practices, etc. They just don’t admit him to the club when he applies for membership (National Abortion Federation). 

When the trial started the horror stories started spilling out. In the interest of keeping this blog ‘clean’, I’ll spare you the details (although you ought to know them). Horror after horror. No serial killer’s trial was more sensational than this. Each day’s testimony was more nauseating than the one before. Gosnell sat smiling throughout.

However, people didn’t know who Gosnell was. Why? No news coverage. The only people covering the Gosnell House of Horrors were those like Life Site News, Operation Rescue, Priests for Life, pro-life groups in general. What were the major news networks saying? Nothing. A big, fat, nothing. Why?

Because this threatened the future of everyone’s sacred cow: abortion. What had Gosnell done wrong, after all?

He was such a casual, sloppy abortionist that he wasn’t skilled enough to actually kill the babies in the womb. They were born alive. So he took care of that afterward by severing their spinal cords with scissors. Only a few inches separate Gosnell from the rest of the abortionists in this country and around the world. Had he been skilled enough to make sure the babies were born dead, there wouldn’t have probably been a trial. There was also the matter of the age of the babies. In PA the rule is no abortions after 23 weeks, 6 days. Gosnell, using an ultrasound machine that was so old a testifying OB had never seen one and wasn’t sure where the viewing screen was, took multiple pictures until the measurements matched the law, regardless of the actual size of the baby. However, photographs exist of babies who appear almost full-term. Gosnell actually joked after the births of these larger babies, “That one could get up and walk to the bus station from here.” Unimaginable. One worker in the ‘clinic’ testified to one baby screaming after it had been born.

These are not lumps of tissue, clots, masses of cells. These are human beings, innocent children.

The media has finally started covering the trial. Several journalists have actually admitted that the reason for the prior media blackout was liberal bias in favor of abortion. Everyone knew that, of course, but it’s surprising to have it admitted so honestly. Because Gosnell’s actions raise uncomfortable questions. If it’s illegal and gruesome to kill a baby by beheading it immediately after birth, then why is it legal to kill it by dismemberment right before birth?

Amazingly, one weaselly stance taken by pro-abortionists is to blame pro-life people for
Gosnell’s clinic, saying if we hadn’t “shamed” women they wouldn’t have
sought out a person like Gosnell. I’m sorry, that’s ridiculous and

I’m sorry this post has been so disjointed. I feel so passionately about this that it’s hard for me to write about. Finally I decided I was being cowardly. Gosnell is a murderer, certainly, but so are all abortionists. This age’s greatest evil is on the block right now…

6 thoughts on “Gosnell’s Sacred Cow

  1. Thank you for writing this. I feel the same, but I am so sickened by all of it that I cannot read about it. He has been in the news around here in PA. My mind reels at what little I've heard. Lord have mercy.


  2. This just breaks my heart. I didn't realize, until recently, that this wasn't being broadcast on the news. I had heard about it when it first came out and assumed everyone else had as well.

    It says a lot about our culture that we are basically ignoring this in the media. So sad…


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