Yarn Along

I haven’t gotten much done crochet and knit-wise lately because I’ve been so tired (in a GOOD way). I have a set of 40-50 hats to mail to Calvin’s Hats today if I can just get the ribbons and bows on the final 15 of them. [Photos of those later here.] Also, a blog reader asked me to make a set for a friend of hers who lost her baby around 8 weeks and I have that to go out as well.

Crocheted, simple but elegant.

(used the penny hats pattern, cast on 9 stitches)

Reading, I’ve been grabbing whatever came to hand, including a stack of old National Geographics (very entertaining). I just wrote a post on Reading as a Refuge so that might take the place of the book portion for today.

As I said, I’ve been very tired, but grateful beyond words to be tired because of what it signifies. I was able to hear the baby’s heart beat on my doppler on Monday and again yesterday (less than 9 weeks!) which is a very satisfying thing.

What are you reading and working on this week?

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