Yarn Along

The last few days I’ve worked on hats for those twins I mentioned yesterday. The second one is finished. They’re intended to coordinate, not match, so the designs are not exactly the same.

Finished this one today.

This is the one I finished yesterday.

Don’t have measurements (other than cast-on 54) but this is the relative size.

Inside of 1st hat.

Inside of 2nd hat.

My question is about the inside. It’s perfectly soft, but do you think it needs to be lined? If I line it I’ll do it with flannel because fleece would add too much bulk. Thoughts?

As far as books, I’ve been rereading The Hot Zone by Richard Preston. I really like Epidemiology. (:

[And happy second birthday, sweet Innocent!]

3 thoughts on “Yarn Along

  1. I would recommend lining them with cotton jersey. It stretches with the knitting, unlike flannel. I used an old t-shirt to line a hat I made for my baby that she kept pulling off and she put up with wearing it after that.


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