Flowers for the Cross [updated]

Getting flowers ready for the feast of the Sunday of the Cross tomorrow. One massive inconvenience of Pascha’s late date this year is that the azaleas are significantly past their peak. Last year I covered the foam with azaleas. This year I had to climb in and out of bushes, searching for blossoms that weren’t withered and spotted. Needless to say there weren’t enough to cover the whole form. I had to improvise. I scoured the yard for anything blue to pink (in other words, anything that could conceivably fall under the broad category of “purple”) and inserted it here and there. I was surprised by how much I was able to find. Thank heavens I didn’t have to resort to buying blossoms. I really like to furnish what I can from the yard.

[Update: photos from Vespers this evening:]

5 thoughts on “Flowers for the Cross [updated]

  1. It really was gorgeous – you couldn't have bought anything any prettier. Was just showing it to my mom and she was very impressed too.


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