Mysterious Embroidered Church Hanging

I mentioned before that we participated in a several-hour church clean-up last Saturday. While cleaning out one of the closets in the hall we came across a dilapidated-looking folded piece of cloth that appeared to be made out of brown silk, slightly rotting. When we unfolded it, however:

…we found a hand-embroidered hanging. It seems to be approximately 5 feet x 3-4 feet (estimating). There is a casing at the top for it to be hung on a dowel. 

By asking around I found out that it had been donated by Holy Resurrection Parish in Clinton, MS on the beginning of this mission.

Apparently it had been given to them on the inception of their mission many years ago. 

Just who donated it to Holy Resurrection is a mystery. It clearly isn’t something that belongs in a private home so it must have come from some other parish.

There was embroidery at the bottom that might help solve the mystery, but the only person at our parish who can speak and read Arabic also has very limited English. All I was able to determine was that someone made it and someone bought it. (: Can anyone help translate?  I am also hoping there is a date.

5 thoughts on “Mysterious Embroidered Church Hanging

  1. According to my Egyptian born husband (with the caveat that he hasn't spoken Arabic for 13 years) the tapestry translates as ” ? Church of Saint George in ? ? ? From the Priest Alexander ? ? October 16, 1921″ we are sending this to my father-in-law who hopefully can translate the rest. Its a beautiful tapestry, and a great puzzle!


  2. Thanks, lifeattuned!

    I need to add in here something Elizabeth, a reader, emailed me (she got it from her nephew):

    “It talks about the Saint George Church in Canton, Ohio where a person named Khouri and his family witnessed something in this church or just attended the church. Perhaps the note meant to say they were there.”

    Of note, I looked it up and there are FOUR churches named St. George in Canton or North Canton: A Byzantine Catholic, a Serbian Orthodox, A Romanian Episcopate (OCA) and an Antiochian. For the purpose of simplicity I'm going to guess this came from the Antiochian church. I was laughing at the overwhelming local popularity of St. George in Canton. (c;


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