Sunday of the Triumph of Orthodoxy


We venerate Thy most pure image, O Good One,
and ask forgiveness of
our transgressions, O Christ God. 

Of Thine own will Thou wast pleased to
ascend the Cross in the flesh 

to deliver Thy creatures from bondage
to the enemy. 

Therefore with thanksgiving we cry aloud to Thee: 
Thou hast filled all with joy, O our Savior, 
by coming to save the world.



7 thoughts on “Sunday of the Triumph of Orthodoxy

  1. Very nice pictures, and love the blue vestments. (I hated to miss another important Sunday, but my backup team is out of town so I couldn't leave.)


  2. Love the pictures and hope so much that you will post more during Lent-I love reading the prayers and of course seeing the children. The little girl is gorgeous.


  3. Mary, that photo was a COMPLETE ACCIDENT. (c; I was waiting to go back in the church (I was at the end of the procession by virtue of taking photos) and thought I'd turn the camera around and try a blind shot to photograph my own icon (of St. Anna). Only later did I realize I got the sign in the photo too.


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