Questions Answered #2 and Update

First, an update on the storm last night:

All over the street, sidewalks, etc., you can see these marks where the larger hailstones hit. Remarkable.

My poor daffodils! The one in the center of the picture looks like it was attacked with a pair of scissors; just mown down.

The azalea festival started yesterday…uh oh. Most of our azaleas look like this; blossoms mostly on the ground. They should recover though.

It doesn’t look too impressive now but the small debris (leaves, branches, twigs) last night was covering the road so much you could see tire tracks in it. I suspect there are roads (with overhanging trees) that still look like that.

Sounds like our congregation in Hattiesburg fared well – no hail there (at least that was one report – thanks, LV!) but the hail up in the Jackson/Clinton area was something to behold. At least baseball and sometimes softball size.

So, back to questions:

5. Is there a book when you were a kid that you went back more than once to read?

I read and reread all of my books until some of them fell apart. Some that leap to mind: Madeleine L’Engle’s trilogy, Anne of Green Gables series, The Narnia books.

6. What is your favorite Lenten recipe?

I think my favorite go-to recipe is marinara with pasta (with a side of fasting garlic bread and salad).

7. Do you/have you ever watched Doctor Who?

Yes! My favorite doctor is the tenth (played by David Tennant). I really love The Christmas Invasion. (c;

8. What is your favorite prayer service?

Oh, there are so many good ones. Of the regularly recurring ones I’d have to say Great Vespers. Of the less frequently done services I’d have to say a Panakhida.

More questions?? (:

4 thoughts on “Questions Answered #2 and Update

  1. My 9 year old and I just went on a bike ride (today is the last day of winter) and noticed a bunch of daffodils in bloom! So pretty. ♥ Your azaleas look lovely, even though they were hit by the storm. I will have to go and read L'Engle's books…only read “A Wrinkle in Time” when I was 9.


  2. Elizabeth, I'll make yours the first question I answer tomorrow. (:

    Martha, I still have the three copies of L'Engle's books I had as a child. A Swiftly Tilting Planet I got autographed by M.L. when she came to our college to lecture. Everyone else had hardback adult books and I had this extremely dog-eared paperback children's book. (: Definitely go back and read the others (technically there's a fourth, Many Waters, but I didn't read it as a child.)


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