Tiny Hats: Batch Three

 Mailed this morning to Calvin’s Hats!

The smallest one. Doesn’t fit on my pinky.

Star, heart and butterfly.

The smallest ones.

Animal character hats.

Sun hats.

I liked the purled diamond pattern on these two.

The tiny one again, next to a penny.

I figured out how to knit vertical stripes of color.

First time I’ve tried a zig-zag pattern.


Hats with knots on top.


An egg wearing a bear hat.


The whole batch. 10 crocheted, 22 knit.

I try to learn something new with each batch. I wonder what I’ll try next time?

UPDATE: I have found out that there hasn’t been a huge response to their March stamp drive. Could you please put a couple stamps in an envelope and send them to Calvin’s Hats? They have people providing hats but all of those hats have to be mailed to do any good. Consider it an act of charity for Lent, or something you do in memory of a loved one. Every stamp helps!!

 Stamps can be sent to:
Calvin’s Hats
PO Box 4723
Salem, OR 97302

 Photo: As we work hard to bless even more families in 2013, postage continues to be our greatest expense.

And this is where you come in!  Will you consider sending us U.S. postage stamps in any denomination (of the unused variety)?  

Stamps can be sent to:
Calvin's Hats
PO Box 4723
Salem, OR  97302

Thank you!!

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