Smoky on one of his favorite perches this morning
was sitting at the computer this morning when I heard some thumping on
the porch just outside the window. I saw our youngest cat, Smoky, and a
darker cat which I thought was Indiana until I realized that Indiana was
in the kitchen. I looked a little closer and realized that this wasn’t
our cat but a solid black one who was running back and forth. I got up
and opened the door to find a serious commotion going on. Smokey flew
off the porch through the rip in the screen at the bottom of the door
(courtesy of raccoons). Indiana ran out the door when I went out and
confronted the black cat who was panicking seriously by now. He (she?)
was running from one side of the porch to the other, climbing the
screens in a panic, knocking over small tables, etc. and Indy was
growling to beat the band. The strange cat wasn’t aware of the rip in
the screen so it was sure there was no way out. I didn’t want to get
bitten so I avoided all the cats and sneaked over to the screen door and
opened it wide open. Indy promptly went and sat in the doorway,
effectively blocking the exit for the strange cat. *groan* I managed to,
well, chase the black cat around the porch once or twice until Indy
moved and the cat ran out, streaking under a neighbor’s car (where,
unfortunately, Smoky was waiting). *groan* Neither of our cats has
settled down yet and they’re still stalking the porch and each other.

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