Baby Bear Hat Pattern

I couldn’t resist sharing these, especially since they were so easy!!

You simply crochet (using hdc) a small hat. I used a magic loop and put 7 hdc inside it. The pattern isn’t exact but it’s something like this:

(I used soft worsted and an F hook.)


Round 1: Start with magic loop. Hdc x 7 and close loop. Sl st to join. Ch 2. (do not turn throughout hat)
Round 2: 2 hdc in every hdc (14 hdc). Sl st to join. Ch 2.
Round 3: Alternate 1 hdc and 2 hdc in every hdc (21 hdc). Sl st to join. Ch 2.
Round 4: Hdc in every hdc. Sl st to join. Ch 2.
Round 5: Hdc in every hdc. Sl st to join. Ch 1.
Round 6: Sc in every hdc. Sl st to join. Cut and weave in ends.

EARS: (Decide which side you want to put the ears on. You can invert hat and use either side. Try to put the “seam” at the back.)

 Left: Sl st into a loop on round 4. YO, insert hook under loop in round 3. YO and pull through. YO and pull through two loops on hook; YO again and pull through remaining two loops on hook [You just made a dc.]. Repeat 6 more times in same loop on round 3. Then sl st onto a loop on round 2. You will have made a scallop extending vertically up the hat from round 4 to round 2. Pull ends through and weave inside hat.

Right: Do the same for the right side except start with sl st into loop on round 2 and extend scallop down to round 4. This way the stitches look the same on the right and the left.

I hope this is partly clear! Leave a comment if you need clarification.

These will go in the next batch for Calvin’s Hats.

5 thoughts on “Baby Bear Hat Pattern

  1. For those of us who are not talented in the needlecrafts – Calvin's Hats accepts donations which I think they use for postage.


  2. Absolutely! In fact, March is their Stamp Drive! Please visit their site and see what you can do to help. They left a note on their FB page today that they were so happy to get donations of $2 or $3 because they knew people were encouraging them to keep going. It's a wonderful thing to do in memory of a lost little one you know.


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