Hooray for my readers!

You ladies are so wonderful! Michelle, who just started crocheting all of two weeks ago (go, Michelle!!) has said she wants to make hats for Calvin’s Hats. (: Not an hour later I got an email from a reader who said: 

Mat Anna, you have inspired me to knit! 
Granted I’m doing it on a loom but I’m doing it!  Here’s my first hat
project: a preemie hat in pink and red. 
I’ve started a hat for myself and have bought a book on felting.  I
want to make felt flowers to adorn it.  Thanks for the inspiration!

I was tickled pink (go, Misty!!) and asked if I could post this here:

Sure!  I made it on a Knifty Knitter round, blue loom.  There’s a wonderful website called loomahat.com
that lists the head sizes per knifty knitter loom. 
They actually make a specialty loom smaller than the blue one that I
intend to order that might be perfect for even smaller heads.  The
challenge with the plastic looms is that they require a bulky yarn or
two standard yarns knitted together.  But, for my
arthritic hands a plastic loom is a wonderful alternative.  Here’s the
video I followed for knitting the preemie hat.
hope to have my own hat 2/3 finished by the end of the week.  It’s an
off-white soft yarn that I’m making on a knifty knitter green round
loom.  It’s just
the basic knit stitch with a brim like the preemie hat but I might turn
it inside out so the crown has a contrasting shape, straighten the
brim, then run a multi-colored yarn through it to make it look sort of
like a ribbon and either crochet a flower, make
one on my flower loom or felt one (once I learn how!). 

be so nice if we could make lovely gifts like this and send them to an
orphanage some place cold like the one you posted a video about a couple
of months

You all have made my day!!

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