"Are you ready for Easter yet?"

It’s so weird that Easter and Pascha are so far apart this year! A woman asked me at the grocery store two days ago if I were ready for Easter. I was startled but had to remember that it is March now and western Easter is March 31st. I murmured something about “not yet” and we entered into a short discussion of making sugar eggs.

For those unaware, Pascha is May 5th, five weeks after Easter! In fact, people on the western calendar are deep in Lent now and we haven’t even started. A very strange feeling indeed! [On a purely selfish note, I’ve enjoyed eating Cadbury Mini-Eggs before Lent…] Truly, the rest of the world will have moved on as we enter the final weeks of Lent and celebrate Pascha.

Keeping this difference in mind, I’ve tried to work on some spring-y, Easter-y hats to send to Calvin’s Hats for them to have in time. Even though I’m not in that frame of mind, I’m trying to have things ready for everyone on the other calendar.

I made the cutest little bunny hat over the last day or so. I improvised the design, but it was so cute and easy that I’m going to try to do it again and write up the pattern, perhaps in a few sizes. I’m not thrilled with how the face turned out, so I may leave the others plain.

And here are the rest of the hats in progress:

(Calvin’s Hats specifically requested some more of these sun hats. (: )

A few bonnets. The little one fits on my thumb.

I had fun doing some diamond patterns with purl stitches on these.

(Obviously I’ve figured out how to make the hats with the knot on top too but I forgot to take individual shots of those…)

4 thoughts on “"Are you ready for Easter yet?"

  1. It IS crazy how far apart they are! My parents are coming to visit (during their Holy Week) in just two and a half weeks. We will barely be into Lent!

    I love the hats. They are adorable!!


  2. The hats are incredibly sweet. As for the bunny face, you could try moving the nose and mouth a little higher and you might like it more. It's adorable as it is, though.


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