Days 4 and 5

Sick, sick, sick.

Duchess had a touch of the stomach bug Sunday night, Ribby had it Monday night and Ginger had it Tuesday night. Wednesday night I went to bed wondering who was next.


Unfortunately, I got it far worse than any of the others. I spent all day and all night Thursday (and most of today) in bed or in the bathroom. I’ve been able to keep down small amounts of fluid, a few crackers, and a few tablespoons of applesauce, so I hope I’m improving. Father got sick when I did but not nearly as badly and he recovered sooner. Pickles got sick last night but only once and is fine now. Poor Flopsy keeps looking sad, waiting for her turn. 😦

We also had no internet a lot of yesterday and most of today. The cable man came and got to see me tucked in bed with frizzy hair (poor man). I told him to try not to breathe much. He said his wife had been sick all week and he was hoping not to catch it from her. We had the sliding doors to the balcony open the whole time so at least we were all breathing fresh air.

Because of illness and incliment weather we were indoors all day yesterday and a good part of today. Father has taken the kids out on an outing to a souvenir shop (the big attractions being the shark’s mouth at the entrance and the pirate ship in the rear) and an old-fashioned soda shop. I’m hoping to have the house picked up and the rest of the laundry done (we certainly generated a lot lately) before they get back. We have to pack up and leave in the morning, a daunting thought since I can barely walk across the length of two rooms. I will be glad to be in my own bed again though.

Here are a few photos I snapped from the balcony this afternoon. Storms are rolling in from the Gulf.


One thought on “Days 4 and 5

  1. Oh, hate to hear this. Hope you make it home with no problems. (Btw, I referred a neighboring priest to your blog when his family was going through this recently. Told him y'all knew all about it!)


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