Guess where we are!

Surprise! We’re at the beach for a week. We got here last night, exhausted after the drive down and then a trip for groceries. Someone promptly dropped an unopened jar of taco sauce on the tile floor in the kitchen. Oh well. By 9 PM we’d finally had supper and I got the sleeping arrangements settled. I eventually propped my eyes open long enough to read for a few minutes and was unconscious until after 8 this morning.

Today has been sunny for the most part although some clouds are moving in now. The temperatures have been in the low 60s at best – not too bad – but the wind has been something else. Steady winds of at least 20 with gusts well up in the 30s. Perfect kite-flying weather which we took advantage of this morning.

Pickles has been learning how to cast. Thankfully no one has wound up with a fish hook embedded anywhere. He’s disappointed not to have caught a fish yet but I told him the fish don’t like to swim in such large breakers.

I still can’t believe people got wet this morning. Hypothermia, surprisingly, did not set in, but I think they learned their lesson.

3 thoughts on “Guess where we are!

  1. Looks fantastic! Guess our friend “T” didn't have enough money to come along after all?
    [Pickles was telling us at church about going “to the condo” by which I think he meant “the beach” – a parishioner kiddingly said, “Can I come with you?” to which Pickles very seriously replied, “Well, how much money do you have?” The man laughed and said, “I don't know!” whereupon Pickles instructed him to: when he got home, take out all his money and look at it and then count it, and then call his house, ask Father to let him speak to Pickles, and then tell him how much. We were absolutely rolling.] I do hope you and your budding CPA have a glorious time!


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