Little Crochet Hearts

There are SO many patterns online for simple crocheted hearts. I don’t even want to try to link some because you might miss out on others! Just do a simple search and you’ll turn up thousands. 

They’re wonderful little projects because they finish so quickly. You can make a dozen at a sitting easily.

Good for using up those tail ends of yarn that you’ve saved. 
No need to stick to pink and red.

You can stitch one to a simple white card and write “Happy Valentine’s Day!” on it. 
Crochet a tail on the heart (or stitch it to a ribbon) and turn it into a bookmark.

Stick a pin on the back and wear it on a sweater or hat. 
Stitch one to a baby’s hat. 
Tack a bobby pin or barrette on the back and create a cute hair ornament.

Thread simple loops of ribbon or yarn through the tops and hang them on a bare branch in a vase to create a “valentine tree”.
The possibilities are endless!

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