Keep Your Peace Undisturbed


Over whatever you have to do, even if it be very urgent and demands great care, I would not have you argue or be agitated. For rest assured, everything you do, be it great or small, is but one eighth of the problem, whereas to keep one’s state undisturbed even if thereby one should fail to accomplish the task, is the other seven eighths. So if you are busy at some task and wish to do it perfectly, try to accomplish it – which, as I said, would be one eighth of the problem, and at the same time to preserve your state unharmed – which constitutes seven eights. If, however, in order to accomplish your task you would inevitably be carried away and harm yourself or another by arguing with him, you should not lose seven for the sake of preserving one eighth.

-Abba Dorotheus, Early Fathers from the Philokalia, p. 161

3 thoughts on “Keep Your Peace Undisturbed

  1. Thank you! This is the second quote I've seen today on the topic of keeping your peace (the first was from Elder Thaddaeus). God knew I needed these; I'm afraid I have not been keeping my peace too well lately in my dealings with my 3-year-old. 🙂


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