Silent Tears

I can’t march tomorrow in Washington. In fact, this post is about all I can do to participate in the March for Life.

I’ve talked many times about abortion over the years. No one can be in any doubt of where I stand.

I’ve prayed.
I’ve cried for the victims: not only the babies lost but the agony of the souls who participated.
I’ve stood on the street holding a sign.
I’ve begged individual women to carry their babies and let me raise them.
I’ve tried to educate others.
I’ve tried to break through the cognitive dissonance.
I’ve shown photographs of my own sweet sons.

Approximately 15% of abortions occur at their age (12-13 weeks) or older
That’s over 180,000 babies a year.
I feel helpless. 
What can I do?

I am raising my own children to believe that we are all created in the image and likeness of God. To believe that life is a blessing. They’ve seen and held their little brothers. They will never forget those tiny fingers and toes.

I am praying.
I can hope that with God’s grace, perhaps I can save one…just one.

abortion statistics

3 thoughts on “Silent Tears

  1. It has been a very emotional week…I listened to Glenn Beck (the radio show) while driving home a few days ago and was very alarmed after hearing a female doctor tell how she performed an abortion. So very sad. ♥ I don't understand how people can't see that this is where we all began our life!


  2. Our parish supports a local pregnancy crisis center, and one day the director came over to babysit my kids. She has five herself, and I was telling her how I wish I could do more, but with my littles I felt like I really couldn't. She told me, “Being a mother is your pro-life ministry.” I really needed to hear that.


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