+Fr. Jacob Myers

I am stunned to report that Fr. Jacob Myers of St. John the Wonderworker Orthodox church in Atlanta (OCA) has reposed, about 30 minutes ago during an unction service for him in an ICU there. All I know is that he had a staph infection. I don’t know any other details. [edited to add: apparently this was related to complications from the flu.] This was very sudden.

Please pray for his wife Mat. Rebecca and his two daughters. Also for his congregation who are now orphaned. I am also acquainted with his brother and sister-in-law and I know they need our prayers as well.

May his memory be eternal!

(Mat. Rebecca and Fr. Jacob, celebrating Fr. Jacob’s birthday last fall)

1-17-13: The OCA website has a post up.

6 thoughts on “+Fr. Jacob Myers

  1. I am shocked! Years ago we had an e-mail correspondence for some time and I always had the highest regard for him.

    May his memory be eternal, and may his family be comforted to know his light shone (and will continue to shine) before many!


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